College Park’s Top Restaurants: Pho D’Lite Edition

Moving on to our penultimate stop in this culinary tour of College Park’s finest establishments (as established by a rating threshold of 4 stars or higher on, we slurp our way through a giant bowl of Vietnamese perfection.

As pho (pronounced “fuh”) establishments grow in popularity around the region, it is easy to see why Pho D’Lite (4.0 stars on Yelp)  fits the bill for satisfying anyone’s cravings.  Appreciated not only for their great food, but also the attentive customer service guests receive, Pho D’lite is a good choice for food that is filling but not too heavy.  The service in the sit down restaurant is fast but never pushy, while the décor is pleasant and makes this midtown restaurant an option even for a date night.  As a bonus, it’s fun to watch preparations in the open kitchen and guess which dish popping up is yours.

For patrons who know their pho, there is a lot of excitement around the different offerings of ingredients served in a rich and flavorful broth, including hard to find tripe and tendon.   No one can deny that the presentation of their signature dishes in massive bowls can excite anyone, but there are other menu options worth sampling including an assortment of Thai options like Pad Thai.  For large groups, Pho D’lite is a good option to satisfy everyone’s opinionated taste buds.

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Michael – Just like the restaurant name, I’ll take an order of Pho D’Lite every time (extra jalapenos please). The portion is large enough to make me consider napping under my desk after lunch.

Jessica – The works!  Pho D’lite (Tai, Nam Gau, Sach)

Let us know your favorite dishes or your take on Pho D’Lite in the comments below.