College Park Think-A-Thon

Do you think the Route 1 corridor in College Park needs a facelift?
Do you think College Park is accessible? Do you frequent the local businesses?
What should a new Arts and Culture District along Route 1 look like?
What should it do? What should it have? How would it benefit the community?

Do you believe arts and culture can transform a community?

We want to know your thoughts. Join us for the College Park Think-A-Thon and let your voice be heard. This event is bringing together the larger
College Park community—residents, government officials, arts organizations, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and more—to discuss the role of arts and culture in the redesign of Baltimore Avenue. The College Park Think-A-Thon is a variation of the annual Baltimore Think-A-Thon—a “think and do” event where people come together to imagine and plan the ways in which arts and culture can address the city’s challenges.

Register Here
Registration is free and open to the public through Friday, October 3rd. Join us and let you voice be a part of change in College Park. For questions about the event, please contact

For further information about this project please visit the Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy.

In partnership with the City of College Park.