ANDA UNION The Wind Horse

September 20, 2013
8:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Members of AnDa Union describe themselves as music gatherers who dig deep into Mongol tradition unearthing the forgotten music that forms the basis of their contemporary work: “Our music draws from all the Mongol tribes that Genghis Khan unified. We all have different ethnic backgrounds and we bring these influences into our music. There is a wealth of folk music for us to learn, so our repertoire of songs is like a drop in the ocean.”

AnDa Union’s concerts feature driving, percussive pieces like “Ten Thousand Galloping Horses” and “Grasslands Journey,” as well as haunting guttural throat songs and the clear long notes of urinduu (long-song). Arrayed in stunning traditional Mongolian clothing, the musicians perform on the horse-head fiddle (morin khuur), as well as traditional percussion, wind and plucked instruments.

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