DAVID DORFMAN DANCE Come, and Back Again

This event repeats on a custom schedule
From November 1, 2013 until November 2, 2013

This event series has ended
Kay Theatre
3800 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Few topics seem to be out of bounds for choreographer David Dorfman. In more than 25 years of dance-making, he has investigated all manner of subjects, from the nature of athleticism to the big ideas that define our humanity. Despite the serious nature of these inquiries, his dances are alive with humor and the unbridled joy of movement.

Come, and Back Again is an exploration of vulnerability, mortality and the virtuosity required to live daily life. Driven by the charged poetry and unapologetic, raw ferocity of the underground '90s Atlanta band Smoke, five dancers and five musicians embark on a kinetic anthem of reckless personal abandon, exploring how time and memory influence and define our slippery, elastic existence. The members of the live band will inhabit the stage with the dancers, which includes Dorfman playing the roles of both dancer and saxophonist.

David Dorfman says, “Come, and Back Again has been a lovely, twisted road of passionate pursuit for me and for the company and collaborators. We began with an adoration of poetic rock and roll as evidenced by Patti Smith among others. We’ve ended up with a dance about mess, joy, loss and survival of love at all costs.”

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