Mavis Staples

November 8, 2013
8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Kay Theatre
3800 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Rhythm and blues and gospel legend Mavis Staples brings her trailblazing style and distinctive smoldering voice to the Center for the first time.

Staples' career began in the 1950s when her family's iconic gospel-folk group, The Staple Singers, became a popular household name with hits such as "I'll Take You There" and "Respect Yourself". Their spiritual and political sound became voices of the Civil Rights movement alongside Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Decades later, Staples' notable collaborations as a solo artist include Ray Charles, Natalie Merchant, Bob Dylan, Prince and Wilco.

About her songs she says, "They’re about the world today—poverty, jobs, welfare, all of that—and making it feel better through these songs." Staples has been said to have “an almost superhuman ability to implant the pure power of passion and emotion” (Rolling Stone Magazine).

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