Same Sex Marriage and the Faith Community: A Conversation about Equal Rights

November 12, 2013
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Gildenhorn Recital Hall
University of Maryland Campus
College Park, MD

Are biblical teachings on human sexuality relevant today? How can we use biblical passages to guide us through modern day issues of sexuality?

Join Derrick Harkins, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party’s faith outreach efforts, Cedric Harmon of Many Voices, a black church movement for gay and transgender justice, Delman Coates from Mt. Ennon Baptist Church and All Souls Church Unitarian's Susan Newman, along with choreographer David Rousséve as they answer questions and converse about Maryland’s marriage equality law and its effect on the faith community.

Co-commissioned by the Clarice Smith Center, David Rousséve’s new work, Stardust, will have its premiere at the Center in January 2014. The piece is about a young, black man who is rejected by his church and most of his family because of his sexual orientation.