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Would your child benefit from having a structured environment to learn and have fun in during those important hours when they’re out of school, but you’re still at work? After School Karate Academy offers a comprehensive before and after school program that will teach your child conflict resolution, leadership, and respect.

The Academy offers before- and after- school youth programs, all ages evening martial arts courses, and free Spanish language classes for its students on the weekend. Dedicated students can earn their black belts within two years and stay busy through tournaments that the Academy sends its black belt students to. 

Besides being a Karate school complete with mats, boxing bags, and practice equipment, After School Karate Academy is a place where your kids can train, have a snack, and do some homework in a safe and constructive environment. There is a computer room with internet access, a modest library of books on health, fitness, martial arts and history, and several TVs with video game systems for students to play after their studies. Plus, After School Karate Academy can even arrange to pick up your child from school.  All of this is included for just $75/week!

For the past several years After School Karate Academy has had its doors open in the Hollywood neighborhood, offering kids a positive and fun environment to continue growing when schools out. However, the owners are experienced experts who’ve been in the Karate business since the 1970. 

Co-Owner Mike Sharaki, or “Mr. Mike” as he is affectionately called by his pupils, says that parents of students at their Lanham location were asking if they could do something for their kids between the hours of 2 and 6 PM, so that’s how they come up with the all inclusive After School Karate Academy. “We saw a need among local families, where parents wanted to see a safe place for their children to transition from the learning environment of school, to a place where they could work on martial arts, get some studying done, and wind down.”

The Academy is staffed by friendly instructors, all of them at least 2nd degree black belts themselves.  Mr. Mike says that a student who is dedicated to achieving a black belt could do so in a little over two years. “You could get a belt every two-to-three months or two-to-three belts every school year,” he says encouragingly.

But the main thing students can expect to achieve at After School Karate Academy is self respect and discipline. Mr. Mike Declares, “Tae Kwon Do is a defensive martial art, not a street fight.  We don’t teach kids how to beat any one up.  We teach them how to defend themselves, an art, and most importantly, respect.” He talks proudly about how he’s watched many students improve their grades, become black belts, and go on to earn “good money” as black belt instructors.

Mr. Mike says one of his favorite things about the After School Karate Academy is watching his students “become more focused as students, and individuals.” 

If you’re considering sending your child to an overcrowded after school program at their local public school, consider putting them on a path to discipline and success at After School karate Academy, conveniently located on Rhode Island Avenue in the REI Shopping Center.

  • Profile by James F. Cooney