Ritchie Coliseum

Rossborough Dr
College Park, MD 20740

Since midway through the 1997 season, Ritchie Coliseum has brought Maryland gymnastics, volleyball and wrestling enthusiasts excitement at its ultimate once again. Maryland fans have poured into Ritchie in increasing numbers throughout the past three seasons since its remodeling. Its official seating capacity is 1,500, with seating located around the floor, including directly behind the team benches, and seat-back chairs for more comfortable viewing located in the upper bowl of the coliseum. Originally built in 1931, Ritchie Coliseum joined campus landmarks such as Rossborough Inn and Turner Dairy on Route 1 in downtown College Park. The gymnasium joined the then-nine-year-old 5,000-seat Byrd Stadium, as the prime athletic facilities more than 65 years ago. During the 1950s, Ritchie even doubled as the living quarters for the Maryland wrestling team.