Terrapin Care Center

9809 Rhode Island Ave
College Park, MD 20740
(301) 220-1930
Sun: Closed
Mon: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Tue: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Wed: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Thu: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - Noon
Sat: Closed
Terrapin Care Center is home to the only certified Chiropractic Bio-Physics (C.B.P.) practitioner in this area, University of Maryland alum Dr. Daniel Kraus. “Dr. Dan” as he is affectionately called by patients and friends corrects postural imbalances and restores proper mechanics to the spine. Proper posture helps bring about optimal health.

Terrapin Care Center recognizes that 90% of its new patients have never gone to chiropractic before, and helps them get started on a path to a healthy spine and lifestyle right away. On day one, Dr. Dan will address any fears or misconceptions, have you fill out a history form so that he is aware of all of your health conditions, and take an x-ray to determine any abnormalities you may have in your back.
Dr. Dan creates a report that is ready the next day and gives you an individualized posture analysis designed to help you reach your personal optimal alignment. Terrapin Chiropractic will immediately inform you where you are in terms of back health, what steps they can take to improve, how long it will take, and the cost. You can start that day if you agree to the plan.

Terrapin Care Center's experienced staff, and extensive on-site equipment, and vast selection of services and specialties are uniquely suited to help you achieve optimal health through chiropractic:

Located conveniently in the REI shopping center in the Hollywood Neighborhood of College Park, Terrapin Care Center is a cozy and friendly practice with state-of-the-art equipment and a friendly staff headed by expert C.B.P. practitioner, “Dr. Dan” Kraus.

Dr. Dan says, “Posture is the window to the spine, and the spine is the backbone to a lifestyle in which you can achieve optimal health.”

Mike, a patient who decided to incorporate chiropractic into his life after feeling relieve by minor adjustments that Dr. Dan made in an early session, describes the “opportunity” he feels he has: “It’s not just a quick fix – Dr. Dan measures and tracks your improvements and changes. Restoring the proper mechanics and posture takes time, but the treatment plan helps you maintain the gains you make. It’s a lifestyle change.”

Dr. Dan is a proud University of Maryland graduate who studied psychology and moved to Atlanta with his fraternity brothers. He was surprised at the difference he felt in his life after a chiropractor in Atlanta helped him fix his back problems, decided to move back to Maryland with a goal to set up his own chiropractic practice to give back to his home town. Dan has practiced all over the state but loves College Park because “it’s a small town community inside the beltway… and because of his “love [for] the Terps.” Dr. Dan says it’s a pleasure to serve the students, faculty, and College Park community, and that “he is proud to support his alma mater and to be connected to the university.”

Stop by Terrapin Care Center today to have all your questions answered and stare living to your body’s full potential.
— Profile by James F. Cooney

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