Vital Traditions

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Welcome to Vital Traditions, LLC, a source for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture & Zero Balancing.

Thank you for visiting our page! It is our hope that everybody in this world can recieve the healing work that they need, whatever that may be, in order to continue to grow in their lives - whether that healing is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. If we can help to facilitate any of that healing process, we would be grateful.

Are you looking for growth or healing in your life? Do you know someone who might? Get in contact with us to find out if our services will be a good match for reaching the health and vitality goals you desire.

We work with all types of people and can accomodate most situations, including at-home visits for those who cannot travel. Afraid of needles? No problem - we offer high quality treatment that can help without the use of needles.