What Does The Word Independent Mean To You?

Well for the Shop College Park website, “independent” refers to businesses that are locally owned and independently operated. In other words, these are the “mom and pop shops” that become¬†synonymous¬†with a community and create a unique atmosphere that chains and franchises fail to do in many cases. College Park is home to over 130 of these businesses from restaurants to clothing stores to hair salons. In order to enhance the visibility of these businesses and place an emphasis on the shop local movement, the new website includes several features meant to accomplish those goals.

The most notable addition is on the homepage, where a “Featured Independent Merchant” rotates every time the page is refreshed or revisited. When visitors enter the search page, they’ll notice the word “independent” in green next to businesses that fit the category. Additionally, you may filter results by tags, including one exclusively for independent businesses.On the page for every independent business, you’ll also notice a green tag with the word “independent.”